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Energy Rating

​Accredited Thermal Performance Assessor/Energy Rater


JMK Energy Rating specialises in Thermal Performance Assessments also known as Energy Ratings in residential buildings which include; residential houses & town houses, multi-unit developments, renovations and extensions. We provide advice in simple cost effective solutions to obtain the required 6 star energy efficiency compliance by the BCA, for building approval; certifying plans and issuing an Energy Compliance Report using FirstRate5 software. We also collaborate with the designer to provide advice to achieve a higher star rating if required by the client.


JMK Energy Rating also prepares Deemed to Satisfy (DTS) energy reports to demonstrate compliance with the energy efficiency provisions of the Building Code of Australia (BCA). On completion we issue DTS energy report with glazing calculator report for submission to council, and Section J Compliance Reports.


We provide our services to Buildings Designers , Architects, Builders, and Home Owners.

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